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What is anti-Semitism? - Israel-Palestine conflict

What is anti-Semitism? - Israel-Palestine conflict

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The material includes current events. It can also be used as a series of lessons or as a single special lesson on the topic.

Discover an important topic of historical and social relevance with our exclusive teaching series: "Anti-Semitism in the Israel Conflict." Our comprehensive series offers teachers worksheets, tasks and in-depth video analysis to give students a deep understanding of the complex relationships.

The worksheets are carefully designed to introduce students to the topic in an informative and interactive way. Differentiated tasks encourage them to think critically and take different perspectives into account. The materials are adapted to the needs of different learning styles and levels to ensure effective integration in the classroom.

The heart of our teaching series is these Targeted tasks that enable students to actively participate in the learning process. From discussion questions to group activities, assignments encourage critical thinking, research and the development of key skills.

The Video analysis offers a multimedia supplement that gives students a visual insight into the Bundestag debate about protection against anti-Semitism. The detailed analysis helps you better understand the policies and the different viewpoints.

Our teaching series aims to not only impart knowledge, but also Develop sensitivity and empathy for the challenges associated with anti-Semitism in the Israel conflict. By using innovative teaching methods, we offer an educationally valuable resource that enriches lessons and enables students to actively engage with this important topic. Make lessons lively and meaningful with our lesson series on “Anti-Semitism in the Israel Conflict.”

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