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Teaching series: Communication models in German

Teaching series: Communication models in German

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of communication with our exclusive series of lessons! We offer a comprehensive examination of the most important communication models according to the curriculum - from Aristotle's Organon model to the iceberg model to the transaction model.

Start your journey with the basics of logic and rhetoric in the Organon model. Learn how Aristotle's timeless principles still form the basis of convincing communication today.

Deepen your understanding with the iceberg model and discover the hidden levels of communication. Gain insight into the power of non-verbal signals and perfect your ability to see beyond the obvious messages.

Schulz von Thun's communication square opens up a completely new dimension. Learn how the four sides of a message – factual content, self-disclosure, relationship and appeal – shape communication. Use this model to understand and design messages holistically.

Immerse yourself in the classic sender-receiver model and understand the basic principles of all communication. We offer insights into how the sender, message and recipient are in constant interaction.

And finally, explore the Lazarus transaction model. Understand how evaluation and interpretation influence communication. Use this knowledge to make your interactions more conscious and effective.

Our teaching series is not only informative, but also interactive and practice-oriented. We offer not only theory, but also practical applications to practice what you have learned in real situations.
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