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Language varieties and their social significance - teaching material

Language varieties and their social significance - teaching material

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We are pleased to introduce you to our new teaching series: "Language varieties and their social significance". This comprehensive teaching series offers a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of language varieties with your students, especially in the context of sociolect, dialect and an exciting excursion on the subject of memes.

The lesson series is designed to provide teachers with high-quality resources and didactic materials that enrich teaching in this important area of ​​linguistics. Students have the opportunity to discover the diversity of language in different social, cultural and digital contexts. **Why choose our class series?

  1. Comprehensive range of topics: Our series of lessons cover the key topics of sociolect and dialect, providing an in-depth understanding of the different expressions of language in different social groups and regions. An additional excursion on the topic of memes opens up an exciting perspective on the connection between language varieties and digital communication.
  2. Practical materials: The teaching materials are carefully curated and offer a wealth of practical examples, activities and exercises that help students understand the theoretical concepts in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Flexibility in Teaching: Our materials are designed to be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Whether as a stand-alone unit or as a supplement to your current teaching content – ​​our teaching series adapts to your needs.
  4. Promote critical thinking: The series of lessons encourages people to think about the importance of language varieties in society. Through discussion questions and interactive activities, we encourage students to think critically and reflect.

This series of lessons offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of language varieties with your students and give them a deeper understanding of the social importance of language. We are confident that these materials will enrich your teaching practice.

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