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Softcover book: Cover media education and identity development of young people in the classroom

Softcover book: Cover media education and identity development of young people in the classroom

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Would you like to experience an extraordinary series of lessons? Then we recommend our comprehensive teaching series on the topic of “Education through media and media education as well as the opportunities and risks of using social networks for young people’s identity development”. This specially developed series is aimed at teachers who want to convey to their students the critical importance of media in today's world.

Immerse yourself in the digital world:

Our teaching series includes ten chapters that take you step by step through relevant topics in media education. From teaching the basics to delving deeper into the impact of social networks on identity development, this series of lessons offers everything you need to turn your students into true media experts.

Highlights of the lesson series:
  • 10 Chapters: Each chapter is elaborated in detail and provides clear lesson plans to make the teaching process seamless.
  • Exciting graphics: Our lesson series features stunning graphics and visual aids that enrich lessons and deepen understanding.
  • 25+ Pages: With more than 25 pages of information, activities, and resources, you have everything you need to provide comprehensive media education at your fingertips.

The key to media literacy:

Media have become an integral part of young people's lives. Our series of lessons aims to make you fit for the digital world by providing a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks of media use. Your students will be empowered to think critically, act responsibly and develop a healthy digital identity.

Prepare your students for the future:

Invest in your students' media education to give them the tools and skills they need in an increasingly digital world. With our series of lessons you are well equipped to master this important task.

Order our teaching series “Education through Media and Media Education” today and shape the future of your students!

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