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Softcover book: The question of the existence of God (texts | tasks | test)

Softcover book: The question of the existence of God (texts | tasks | test)

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Discover our comprehensive teaching series "The question of the existence of God - texts, tasks, tests"!

Now included for FREE: My hourly drafts on the topic.

This teaching series is a valuable tool for teachers who want to address the exciting and complex topic of God's existence in the classroom. Whether you want to teach in a religious education setting or simply delve deeper into philosophy and theology, this series of lessons provides a solid foundation.

Our series of lessons includes:

  • Carefully selected texts: We have curated a selection of texts that illuminate various philosophical and theological perspectives on the existence of God. These texts offer students insights into complex ideas and thought patterns.

  • Syllabus and tasks: Our lesson series contains a structured curriculum that makes it easier for teachers to integrate the topic into the classroom. Accompanying tasks and activities help students apply what they have learned and think critically.

  • Test and evaluation: We offer a comprehensive test that teachers can use to check their students' level of knowledge. This test is a valuable tool for evaluating the knowledge acquired.

  • Flexible material: Our series of lessons are designed to be integrated into various educational settings, be it schools, community groups or self-study. It offers the flexibility to adapt lessons to individual needs.

The question of the existence of God is a fascinating and timeless topic that gives students a deeper understanding of philosophy, religion and ethics. Our lesson series allows teachers to teach this topic in a structured and educational way.

Enrich your lessons and help your students explore the question of the existence of God. Take advantage of our lesson series and create an inspiring learning experience!

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