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Learning booklet: Communication models in German

Learning booklet: Communication models in German

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of communication with our learning booklet “Communication Models (according to the curriculum)”. This comprehensive teaching material has been carefully compiled to provide you with a clear overview of the major communication models featured in the curriculum.

First, discover Aristotle's Organon model, which illuminates the fundamentals of rhetoric and still has a significant influence on communication theory today. Understand how Aristotle defines the art of persuasion and how these principles apply to modern communication situations.

Then dive into the iceberg model, which illuminates not only the visible aspects of communication, but also the deep-rooted, often overlooked elements beneath the surface. Find out how unconscious processes and emotions have a decisive influence on our communication.

The communication square by Friedemann Schulz von Thun opens up another fascinating perspective. Discover the different sides of communication, from the factual level to self-disclosure, the relationship level to the appeal side. Learn how to communicate effectively by considering these different aspects.

We also devote ourselves to the classic transmitter-receiver model, which lays the foundation for understanding communication. Understand how information is transmitted, what barriers may arise, and how to overcome them to ensure clear and successful communication.

Last but not least, we will guide you through the Berne and Lazarus transaction model. Learn how communication is not just a simple exchange of information, but a complex process based on perceptions, evaluations and reactions. Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and effective stress management in communication.

Our learning booklet not only offers theoretical insights, but also practical applications and examples to apply what you have learned in real-life situations. With clear graphics, understandable explanations and practical exercises, you will internalize the communication models sustainably.
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