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“Literary and rhetorical communication” (German teaching material)

“Literary and rhetorical communication” (German teaching material)

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Discover our teaching material: "Communication situation and course: relationship between public and private; literary and rhetorical communication". This extensive material includes 27 pages full of exciting content and will give your students a deeper understanding of the world of communication in political and social contexts.

What awaits you in this material?

1. Understanding Communication: We will discuss in depth the concept of the relationship between public and private in communication situations. Your students will understand how people share information depending on their level of accessibility.

2. Literary and rhetorical elements: We will learn about the role of literary and rhetorical elements in communication. Your students will learn how these elements help shape messages, convey meaning, and influence understanding between individuals and society.

3. Language in political and social contexts of use: We will look at the specific elements in the way political actors convey information and send messages to the public.

4. Written and oral language use in political and social communication in different media: Your students will understand how written and oral language works in political communication in different media and how this shapes the political landscape.

Additionally, this teaching material includes a thematically appropriate video that illustrates the concepts and deepens understanding. It is perfectly aligned with the curriculum and provides a solid foundation for classroom discussions and activities.

Discover our comprehensive teaching material on political and social communication and enjoy the advantages it offers for your lessons! Our material not only includes 27 pages of exciting content, a thematically appropriate video and extensive information on topics such as "relationship between public and private" and "literary and rhetorical communication", but also includes:

Assignments with solutions : Your students will benefit from targeted assignments that help them deepen their understanding. The solutions are available to you as a teacher to facilitate assessment and learning progress.

Discussion approaches : Our materials promote lively and in-depth discussions in class. Discuss topics such as data protection, ethics in communication and the effects of digitalization on society.

Savings package: We also offer a savings package that includes everything you need for a comprehensive lesson. Save time and money by purchasing the entire package and benefit from a smooth teaching process.

Prepare your students for the challenges and opportunities of political and social communication and promote critical thinking and analytical skills. Order our teaching materials today and make your lesson preparation easier!

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