There are endless reasons for stifo. Here are the five most important ones!

We take over your work!

That's not just a statement: we mean it. From uploading files to pricing and creating preview materials. We simply take care of EVERYTHING.

You won't get more money anywhere!

In contrast to other players on the market, we guarantee you 80 percent of the profit. Our 20 percent covers website costs and work.

Print or digital: it doesn’t matter!

With us you can not only sell digital products, but we also offer distribution as hardcover and softcover books. And best of all: your customers benefit from free shipping.

Sooooo many features!

Nobody has as many features as we do. Or can you sell teaching materials, videos, merch, books and seminars somewhere else?

Your right is your right!

We are committed to your rights. You have the option to cancel your account at any time and retain all copyrights.

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